Week 8 - Road trip to Joshua tree, first legitimate use of my field recording gear

Jane, Jasper, and I went on a road trip all the way down to Joshua Tree in Southern California. It's the first time I've gotten to really put my new Kata backpack with all the gear to the test. It worked really well!
 The backpack was able to comfortably fit my entire blimp, 8060 shotgun, Mixpre-D, Sony M10, cables, batteries, the deadcat and my ath m50 headphones. As well as my Manfrotto mic stand clipped on the side. Easy to carry and well protected.

When we got to the cabin I was sick and we had a busy day, so I only had once chance to go out at night, sick, and record anything I could bump into. Really happy with the clarity and crispiness of some of these recordings:

Some water coming down the runoff

Scraping my foot on a metal trapdoor

Scraping my foot on a big piece of wood

Scraping some tiles I found in the backyard against each other

Sliding door and matching sliding screendoor

A handful of many siberian husky, Covey, vocalizations

Dry, crunchy sticks found around the desert floor

My very own jacket's zipper!

Really wish I would've had more time to record more, while not sick, but I take what I can get!