Week 7 - Unreal Engine 4 Demo Completed!

This is the first small step out of many steps I plan to take to showcase my knowledge of game engines and middleware. I've been planning to do something like this for a while but other priorities always got in the way. After seeing a job posting at Undead Labs which required knowledge of Unreal 4, I kicked myself into overdrive and rushed to put this little piece together so I could use it in my application with them. 

It's a little rough around the edges, mostly because of the tight "deadline", but I definitely plan to clean it up a bit. It's also not the most complex of showcases, but I will start building on complexity with other demos as time moves forward. At the very least, I think, it shows a basic knowledge of utilizing UE4; on importing, managing, and implementing audio assets and using sound cues, basic use of the blueprint system, and tagging sounds to animations in matinee.

It's not meant to impress anyone with any implementation tricks, but I'm happy that at least now I have something to show, instead of nothing to show, implementation wise. My next goal would be to show my knowledge of Wwise, maybe integrating it with a game engine. One step at a time!


- Juan