Week 11 - Landed a job at Microsoft!

I guess hard work has paid off, because I was able to get a job at Microsoft Hololens! My team is called Future Bureau and so far it's been amazing, and crazy. The people are great and I love the environment and the campus life. It wasn't easy but I think if you work hard enough at it, and constantly challenge yourself to improve and add value, something eventually will come. The key is to persevere, and that not only takes time, but it takes work. Make yourself always do something audio related, whether it's a new demo, learning an engine or some middleware, recording, game jams, picking up small freelance bits and pieces, whatever! Always move forward.

I will now challenge myself to keep doing audio related things even when not at work. If sound is your passion, you do it day and night. You breathe it. Now to see where this path takes me.