Week 5 - Experimenting with Harmor

The last few weeks have been pretty busy so all I have to blog about is a few sound doodles I made using one of my favorite plugins, Harmor. An additive/substractive, re-synthesis capable synthesizer which lets you do crazy stuff importing your own samples.

This guy was made solely from a simple recording of my apartment's AC unit humming: (WARNING, TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN A LOT AS IT IS QUITE LOUD!)

This next one came from some electromagnetic recordings from the inside of a hard drive powering up/down:

This one is a little lighter than the others, but still super sci-fi. Also came from a weird snippet I found in another electromagnetic recording from the inside of an already powered up hard drive:

And this last one is actually not processed at all. Just a clean cut from yet another electromagnetic recording from a hard drive. It sounds like a scream of pain from inside the matrix to me!

And that's all I got for now!